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“Do you believe in God?”…

To those who remain rooted in scientific analysis, God is beyond explanation because theories cannot explain the existence of God.

And there are many, who believe that God is all about Faith, which can’t be set in theory!!

Theories…. they are a form of faith too… Faith in your ability to structure what you have learnt from life!!!

Personally, I think faith is a choice every individual makes (that is a reason why I detest religion for I believe that it is equivalent to herd mentality!!)

And as far as the fact of “feeling” but not seeing or whatever other verbs , adjectives or nouns you want to use…. well …… everything in life is felt through our senses and our perception… so just the qualification of “ feeling “ does not explain GOD. I have known of no individual who can talk of knowing the world around him beyond his senses… Even the so-called Sixth Sense comes from your mind – the knowledge pool of data that sits inside you and frames your perception.

Most of us love miracles and magical interpretations to the things we cannot explain, especially because by doing so, we can shake the responsibility for resolving the mystery off our shoulders!! We love status quo so much that anything that demands change in our perspective becomes an excuse for slipping into the realms of mystery or some predefined rules for which we have no explanation. We all do it very often in life… our parents may have done it to us in our childhood by giving some magical explanations to things that they could not or would not want to explain!!

God is just a personification of the power that which lies within you…. each one of us is capable of pushing the boundaries of learning in life!!!

Well, some of us want to keep that power outside us and put that responsibility out of our system in the form of GOD… these are the fatalists who never have any control or choice in life…

Then there are those of us who realize that we have the power but are afraid of the harm that we can do with our powers and hence keep God out of their own selves and pray and hope that things will change with their efforts…

And there are those of us who are unaware of all this and choose to remain ignorant of Faith anywhere… The Atheists!!

And the few who can build their own faith and trust in their own responsible abilities and utilize this faith to bring good things to life are those who make a difference to the world!! And those are the ones who usually hate tags like “Atheists, Theists, and Agnostics etc…”

Science has a beautiful way to describe the turbulences of the world….Entropy..

By the way, science is not a religion; it has no fixed laws or rules… the science is about a method of thinking and working that only tries to explain through connections between different facts and events……A truly scientific person will never decree that some scientific fact is the absolute truth of life… The genesis and continuum of scientific thought is in its ability to accept the fact that in our discovery of world and life we will constantly have to reconnect our knowledge pool to get more appropriate explanations.

Let us simply consider the whole world as the big system with a lot of contributing factors where no factor can completely influence the other (which each of us individuals are!!).But we still end up chipping in a little into the whole system with our actions!!

So, without even realizing that our actions may end up affecting a person at the other end of the world, we act!!! Remember the beautiful fact that a butterfly flapping a wing in Amazon can signal a torrent in Japan!!!

The truth is that the world is interconnected jigsaw puzzle which needs tremendous knowledge to decode!!! It is not impossible but maybe it is not feasible………….The best we all can do is to discover little bits of it, through patience, kindness , inquisitiveness and an open mind…….The God that most people talk about is the unexplained… GOD is the blanket we put on our ignorance……The choice is ours… Whether we accept the fact that we don’t know or deny the unknown in the semantics of religion, philosophy and god….

Some people want to accept our inability to ever completely decode the world around us and get lost in the trivial pursuit of what they call “Philosophy and Divinity”.

These days there are plenty of people who walk into these philosophical discussions which use words like soul and divinity and try to club the beauty of the world into one big theory of God.

Why do we need that?

Why do we need one big explanation for life?

As we grow up from childhood to adulthood we are all bombarded with the need to find one common answer to all questions in life?!! But there is no single answer to all questions in life, just like there is no common piece of cloth that fits everyone in the world perfectly!!

There may be patterns of similarity in the millions of individuals around the world; nonetheless they are unique as individuals!!

God is our inability to accept that we don’t know and that we all have a purpose of discovering and not living like vegetables….

We are responsible for all and everything that happens in life and how we move further from action- reaction to enjoying the beauty of life by taking responsibility for each and every one of our actions. We are responsible for our learning from life; we are responsible for knowing that we make mistakes and also that we are capable of learning from that!!

Just one last question to ponder on…… If GOD created all the things in the world…… who created GOD?


~ by exploreamaze on June 19, 2004.

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