In the moment of truth

A season ,a thought, and spring bloom…

Living in a beautiful moment of joy… Have you noticed how we always cherish small moments of life more than the big events and yet we always wait for the big day, whatever it may be.. a promotion, a raise, falling in love……

Strange isn’t it? From the day ,words start blooming in the garden of our thoughts,we always look for the next big thing!!

The Moment of Truth, the moment when we realise that we want to change course.. that we are at the crossroads of learning and living… Why is that an event ? Why aren’t we ensuring that every minute of our lives is full of learning and living ?

In our pursuit of the next big idea, we often end up forgoing the simpler, more practical means that we have in our hands to evolve and change!!


~ by exploreamaze on June 28, 2004.

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