Relations…. What are they? All about the words we use… All those undescribable things we call feelings..Is it all about what we call trust? Is it all about possessing and being possessed?..

When we are at crossroads to what is logical & what is felt.. What do we choose?..What relations do we sustain in insipid faith inspite of the harm they cause us? What relations do we cling to , even when we know it is past its prime?!?

The other day when I was reading about Nafisa’s death, these questions struck me like a bolt.. All of us at some point have hung on to some relation which made neither us nor the object of our affections happy!!! But some are unable to let go of what they have already lost….If we can lose with grace in games, in business,, then we should lose with grace in the game of love!! Game..YES THE GAME OF LOVE!! I say that because Life is a game too!! Some of us play it well.. Others remain passive or even remain observers..And Life just passes by them!!

If you love somebody.. set them free……


~ by exploreamaze on August 14, 2004.

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