Moving On

Decisions… We make..Sometimes We live through them.. And at others we suffer through them….

I often see people who tie themselves up in decisions and live through them in pain.

I wonder why we make decisions of that kind…Such decisions are made in the faith that life forces us to make them…. And in that process, we loose the sense of control and choice that we can exert over our lives!!

I,personally, am against making any decisions that I cannot convince myself to.No matter what the situation,decisions made with a clear mind and a sense of choice get far better results than those that are made in just the illusion that a decision needs to be made!

As a matter of fact, I have noticed that when decisions are made out of a sense of duty or obligation,the direction of the results from these decisions is very poor in focus and end results are far from the best!Also such people end up with a million reasons why the best was not achieved! And this eventually becomes a cycle, one failed decision leads to another……

Life, as they say, is all about choices we make… the faith that we know!


~ by exploreamaze on September 26, 2004.

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