Bush & Tina

Just another viewpoint…….

Bush Won For just one Reason—- TINA …. err..no nothing like

Clinton’s Monica stuff.. Just that There Is No Alternative….

I have been following both Bush & Kerry on their speeches and

policies… Honestly Bush may behave like an idiot.. May make no sense

with Economics, History or Geography…. But he looks like an Honest

Idiot… It may be a cultivated image but he sure behaves like a

village bumpkin… No doubt he sweeps central US…

Kerry looked like a man fighting someone else’s war. He has never been

a Governor.. That showed up in his speeches…. He never come up with

something concrete in terms of planned action to tell the Americans

how he plans to deal with employment or health!!

It is just the same here in India.. Our democratic setup is different

so we get different results.. but the logic of voting remains same….

How else can you explain people like Laloo or Jayalalitha or Narendra

Modi Winning? Democracy is always majoritarian authority!! If we have

any notions that Democracy is the quickest way to results.. we are

mistaken…Democracy is a mechanism for the smartest people

manipulators to get the world to do what they want!! That is practical


Given a choice between a guy who talks big but looks like he has no

clue how he will get things done and a Guy who has been getting

nothing done for a few years.. People will prefer status quo!!

Americans or Indians.. we are all humans.. equally foolish and equally

ridiculous… just that we have differents areas of competency as far

as these are concerned!!


~ by exploreamaze on November 4, 2004.

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