Saints, Sinners & The Ones In Between

To those in India(who read the newspapers/news websites…ahem),the title of this blog should come as no surprise… For Those who want to read more

Given the opportunity.. I rarely fail to strike the hammer on the nail with my long held faith that Religion is herd behavior.. I remain devoted to that opinion.. But on this occasion, keeping in mind the fact that person is an elderly diabetic citizen, I will talk about something else….

I am no Hindu, Muslim, Christian or anything for that matter.. For purposes of classification, you can call me ‘Human’

Religion is a matter of personal faith in life, love and divinity. What is sad that Religious Seers( Hindus, Muslims, Christians..All of them) trying to dictate or raise edicts on political matters…. Religion poisons Politics Completely.. The heady mix of power and personal faith has just one purpose- Segregation.

I don’t know how many religious seers read this blog, but my personal request to them would be that they stay away from political opinions.

Religious faith( as I know it) may shape political opinions, but learned seers of religion should remember that religious faith of all kinds support a diverse range of Political Opinions.

Just to give you an example… Would you call Hinduism a socialist or a communist or a capitalist religion ? Would you call Islam a right wing or a left wing religion? You can hardly ever brand any religion that way!

Given the stature that Saints hold in the minds of their believers, public statements on politics create intense polarisation…. We have seen that in India, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Pakistan,… Maybe half the nations in the world!

Religion breeds the deepest of divides in this world.. Half of the world’s charity as well as Wars are invested in the name of religion…Ironical.. But Honestly true!

To all those who fund religious charities…. It is just a circular circus… You pay for something that others from your religion are perpetrating!!

Religions have a brilliant way of segregating the world.. Saints, Sinners & The Ones In Between…. Hardcore believers will ofcourse make us bite the bittersweet pill that no religions asks a believer to fight those of a different faith.. But the semantics of religious faith survive on the idea of dividing the world between the believers & the non-believers….

And in this magical gamble, it is the ones in between..Neither the saints nor the sinners… But the Ones In between who are the pawns.. To be anywhere close to a saint , you have to be ” Reborn ” into the faith ( a la Bush Jr)..

And Sinners.. Well they are easy to tag… Just the non believers( atheist, people from a different faith, etc )…

The Ones In Between are mercenaries who seek religion in the moment of trouble or those who look for the winds of faith to take them out of the doldrums.These mercenaries will cling to faith and do anything it takes to get them to heavens! All this sounds so much like the dairies of the 9/11 terrorists , doesn’t it? But that is the reality of the ones in between.

We are all saints AND sinners…And we need no GOD , IDOL or Religion to redeem Us…. All it takes is awareness and honesty…. With Our Own Self!!


~ by exploreamaze on November 13, 2004.

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