People..People..People…If you can inspire,enthuse and develop people, they will become the best technologist or best managers or best plumbers….Whatever their own evolution takes them to be…It is unwise to believe that people can be moulded or shaped to any organisation’s needs… Everyone is on his own journey.

I strongly dislike the word ‘manager’…Organisations that want to build sustained excellence should not recruit managers… Leaders build brilliant organisations..Managers just earn good salaries!!Your organisation should stop bothering about Management & start thinking about Leadership.

Technical skills are just that…SKILLS… No difference between a plumber and an engineer or a Doctor on that.. Those who can think like Leaders.. You needs to look for them, build them and grow with them… Organisations evolve when leadership thinks of every individual as a potential leader,not as technologists or as people managers.

Individual areas of competence will always differ…some may be good at a whole basket of things… The organisation exists to provide a platform and build a team that effectively delivers results…And that responsibility lies with the middle layer of leadership.. The future leaders are always accessible to the middle leaders. All that the top level leaders can do is to ensure that they have the middle level leaders capable to building the future leaders for the organisations.. That is the story of organisational evolution & that explains why the top level role has to be sometimes outsourced!!


~ by exploreamaze on November 19, 2004.

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