Distance makes….

3,15,36,000 …. The amount of time we have spent apart..in seconds..Not much that seperates it from years as far as we are concerned!..Not a glimpse of each other..Listening to the sound of her voice crafted in the generous yet wavering crackle of the telephone..

Distance dances..gently at times.. furiously at others…and then brings us together again..

It is not a fear or a pain…but the sadness that weeps at the beauty we can add to the world in unison..

I am often asked how we can manage to stay apart for a year..But the reality is that we haven’t stayed apart for a year..Physically,yes… on any other level.. definitely not..We communicate in ways that distance has helped us discover…Sharing is a mutual journey..distance only drives us to find ways to share time & space better..

Distances make nothing,it is just space.. Our Minds & Communication make wonders!


~ by exploreamaze on November 23, 2004.

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