Talent & Leading………….

Given the constant focus that media provides the ‘people’ leaders, most people end up believe that there is only one form of leadership in the world – People Leadership!

However, I believe Leadership has many motifs –




If we can promote a culture that encourages all these streams of leadership on a parallel basis, we can fulfill aspirations without getting into the cycle of promoting people into roles they do not have capabilities for.

Success at the last mile in promoting the idea of parallel streams of leadership can only be attained, when frontline managers understand the importance of looking for talent at the lowest levels of the hierarchy and coach & mentor their employees towards such streams.

The cycle of flow of talent can only be built when employees at the bottom of the hierarchy can perceive and understand the fact that we are attempting to build on their strengths.If I am talented in a certain area, I will definitely be more capable of seeking talented people in that area! That is where the whole concept of Communities of Practice( as practiced in KM) comes from.

My experience with leading teams right from school days till today, only suggests that as organizations, we should focus on building on the strengths rather than focus on the weaknesses.

Organizations cannot have the intimate perspective to an individual’s life that is needed to help them overcome their weaknesses. We can only provide a support mechanism for the introspective cycle that helps people overcome their negative aspects. However, the organization can definitely build structures and a culture where every individual uses his talents as catalyst to the organization’s growth.

However, given the fact that our education only encourages the aspect of overcoming weaknesses, getting frontline managers to change their perspective is a mammoth task.

is nothing but Intelligent Learning Ability in a certain area.


~ by exploreamaze on November 25, 2004.

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