Trust is a tree…..

‘I can never trust you…..Not after this…..

Walking down the road,yesterday, I noticed a couple grumbling about trust to each other…As I kept slowly walking behind them( at 11:30pm in the night).. under the beautiful moonlit skies,little tatters of their relation kept falling off by the roadside,already wet and muddy after the evening showers.

300 meters of distance,seemed like an eternity as my mind kept slowly drilling on the, often loudly spoken, words that the couple exchanged…. All that I could pick up from the fallen tatters, is a story of broken trust.. of minds split by unfortunate affection for someone else…Shocked and little amused at the fact that people can choose to discuss this on a lonely rainy night at the roadside after a bad date!

As you sit, a day’s travel from where I am today,I am thinking aloud about trust…What does that word mean….and do we often misuse it for our own needs?

We have never thought of trust…maybe it happens within the subconscious for us…maybe we just keep building our dreams with little actions that are neither romantic nor an expressed version of faith…maybe we are aware of our failings to the distance where we can appreciate,understand and then alleviate the possible troubles our instincts remain capable of!

Maybe we have never built our relation in leaps or explicit actions/affections…

But then again.. trust is a tree that grows from the seed of care and concern that we tend to in little acts done without a sense of drama or want…Care and concern is possibly as much about getting you the cup of tea as you wake up in the morning as it is about the diamond ring on your birthday!

Trust is as much the effort of caring to break the story of our love into little actions every single day

Then again.. trust is known only between the trusted…

Trust,it is , between you & me.


~ by exploreamaze on November 27, 2004.

One Response to “Trust is a tree…..”

  1. You have a gift.

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