On the title of this blog!

From a letter I wrote to my friend today….

“Life is always multiple strands running in parallel… at any moment in time you can choose which strand you want to focus on, but the other strands keep moving.. You can never remain completely devoted to just one strand..That’s the one thing I have learnt..

Life is like driving a four wheel drive vehicle where you have different steering wheels for each of the wheels!

My parameters for Success have got transformed, I still want success, but the terms are not set in any external parameters, not money, position, location or even what others expect of me.. Yes, I want to lead an organisation someday… but that’s just a part of the bigger goals that I want out of myself…. Not degrees, not academic learning, not a BMW, not a settled life in US/Canada, not a million dollars in my bank account, not a vacation in Hawaii..Nope….Something far simpler and worthy of pride…

I just want to be known for the legacy I leave behind and the people whose lives I have touched. Sounds philosophical, maybe even pseudo stuff… but that’s the practical reality of my aspirations….

Beware; I am no less ambitious today than was ever before, maybe a lot more… I have a passion that keeps me running and learning, I wake up everyday with the feeling that there is so much to achieve…But in my mind, I don’t walk on or build a path to eternity, glory and salvation!

Remember the Johnnie Walker Ad….’ Keep Walking’… That sums up what I am doing, I keep walking ahead, eyes wide open and my mind seeking every opportunity to learn- minus the academic barriers, I learn from Arts, Sciences, Anything and everything that comes my way… You know I am not a genius, yet I can do that…

I focus on what needs to be done at the moment and every few hours ask myself if the road taken has brought me any closer to where I want to be in terms of learning and leaving behind a legacy…

If it has, I think of ‘what next?’… If it has not, I think of’ where next?’

I do this every night…each one of them… It is course correction like they do in the army… Check at every turn… This is not a paranoid way of living, though everyone will tell you so. It is just a way to remain aware and open to the fact that we can only control a few aspects of life as it happens, but we can control all aspects of our reaction to the events! I have found this to be both romantic and practical!

Life is beautiful!

Winning is a matter of knowing your choices, persevering with those choices and knowing when to commit to or change your choices.


~ by exploreamaze on December 11, 2004.

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