The Gods Behind a Tsunami

Can God be cruel ?

If not, why would he perpetrate this Tsunami on the silent millions, the innocent children of the world ?

Then again, maybe God is punishing us for the cruel ways in which we live our Religion? Maybe God wants to test his devotees ?

What one person may call God’s will, could be, for another person, the poison pill ?!?!

I was reading Eric Zorn’s weblog on the Chicago Tribune today on God ,Faith & Tsunamis!

Fear is a fundamental need in this story of ‘ God ‘ & ‘Religions’.. to believe in any one of these is to simply chain our minds to fear…of being punished for so called irreverence to ‘God ‘, of being tested for our devotion..

The reality of ‘Living’ a life & living it in the most aware manner , is simply that of understanding that our lives are inextricably linked to a million others…when someone pulls the links one way,another person at an unknown location can get affected by that! It is neither some inexplicable magic nor divine intervention…it is simply the beauty of life.. the sum of infinite variations will always be constant!

We need to learn to accept this reality and live in the joy of the moment.. the joy of being aware of the forces that shape us at this moment…. Tsunamis.. they will keep coming..maybe we will use our intelligence and appreciation of life to understand it and live through it someday…. till then let’s do justice to the little world around each one of us……you need not go to Indonesia to help the Tsunami victims… just spread the joy of learning and the peaceful hope that love brings in your interactions with the people around you.. family, friends and strangers on the street…

The gods beneath a Tsunami..let them remain buried!


~ by exploreamaze on January 5, 2005.

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