The Rule That Carly Broke..

As Prometheus Chose to Ask…Which was the rule that Carly Broke….

Contradictory as it may sound.. There is no rule that Carly broke!Because.. There are no real rules that apply to the Art & Science of Leadership!

Yes…Leadership is scientific in the fact that it involves understanding the How, Why , When & Where of What needs to be done!!

That means…Not letting the boundaries of rule based thinking affect your perspective…The Art is in understanding what connects most to your current perspective.. Science is in knowing all the connections possible!

Rules are used for repetitive activities..And I do not believe that leadership involves the idea of repetition…When Andy Groove talks about ‘Only Paranoid’ Surviving..He is talking about moving beyond and ahead of repetition…Organizations that have leaders who constantly look beyond what has succeeded now, will end up with excellence and exceed expectations! Rules seep into the subconscious mind and kill creativity… What we need is an open mind to derive maximum learning from events and the curiosity to keep connecting what we learn..then rules are not a necessary!

As someone who has not been an insider to HP and only uses media reports(and some friendly banter) to base his current opinion, I’d see Carly’s failure as an expression of a Board that was never working with passion to support her. ‘Carly’s failure stems from the fact that she never seemed to have a plan that included the organization… The distance at which CEOs stay from the bottom of hierarchy is inversely proportional to the likelihood of them succeeding in a visionary change management plan…

For all her marketing experience, I never felt that she had a vision that was adequately broken down to the little parts that would inspire her team.. Yes, we all know where she wanted to take HP …what no one could fit together was how was she planning to do that and with what steps..maybe someone who has worked with HP knows that… then again…Maybe not!!!

At the end of the day, being a CEO is all about a role within the organization..An organization whose purpose is to create and deliver value through collective human effort…that’s the story of economics..It punishes those who ignore its dynamics with an intensity only surpassed by a heartbroken lover’s farewell kiss!

The day, you, as the CEO, forget the focus on what delights the customer and the perspective that you are a part of the organisation and NOT ‘THE ORGANISATION’ , no rule of leadership can save you from a fall!

-Deepak Alse


~ by exploreamaze on March 1, 2005.

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