Dignity in Death

Terri Schiavo…..

As someone who believes that death can be a choice too, I am appalled by the inhuman arguments that are being used by both those in favor and against the action of removing her feeding tube……

Killing someone through starvation , especially when the individual is already is a vegetative state and cannot express themselves, is INHUMAN and Beyond Justice…..

As a society, it is our responsibility to devise a more human approach to dealing with such individuals…. The mobility.. senses and expressions may have gone numb…but what evidence do we have to prove that Terri has no mind of her own even now….. She may not have expression…but she can still be thinking!

Maybe we should think of creating a fund that could take care of such individuals in the hope(howsoever miniscule) that they may some day revive…..

I feel all this even though I am someone who supports euthanasia… If an individual in his consciuous senses wants to choose death, the best we can do is to counsel the individual..beyond a point we need to let the individual choose death if that is, indeed, what they want!

Not everyone has the same perspective of what they want with their life!

But in case of those like Terri, It is our human duty to provide them with a chance to live for as long as they can!….

After all, even if we have a written living will, how often can we update it to express our wish accurately!

What if we change our mind just moments prior to turning vegetative!?!?!?


~ by exploreamaze on March 21, 2005.

One Response to “Dignity in Death”

  1. The right to live or die indeed is a choice left to us. With of course counselling those who conciously choose death 🙂

    As for Terri, yes, she could have been thinking, though in a vegetative state and has the right to live!

    I think this is where we should divert some of our research work – in Artificial intelligence and decoding of the neurological impulses in the brain. Given that this feat is impossible now, Terri should have been supported to live, instead of taking off the feeding tube and starving to death.

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