As partners who share our lives together,in the world that we call just our own….even silences speak a million lines.

But the world that we share with the others can at times sow disagreements and differences…

How often do we end up passing over our frustrations to our partners who may have nothing contributory to the original agony..

I have often seen relationships slip into a downslide of borrowed frustrations over issues hardly relevant to the two persons in that relation!

The worst thing to do with any relationship in life is to make it conditional to another relationship. In doing so, we show our inability to accept reality for what it is….remaining unfair in the assumption that no human has a mind of his/her own…Making relations conditional to another is to lose out on the joy of discovering each person on real terms as against the ‘ ism’s and idealogies that we tend to coat our perceptions of others with.

To build a honest relationship , we need the patience to unfurl the moments of surprise in discovering what motivates the other person , we need the sense of partnering with that person to share what we have and walk on in the joyous discovery of life as it is , we need the willingness to communicate generously and with clarity on our hopes, expectations and perceptions!


~ by exploreamaze on July 3, 2005.

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