What inspires me to write this is the early morning blog by Nirmala(…….

Afterthoughts are just that..Thoughts that come after an event…If you have lived that moment..felt pain and compassion and done whatever you could(within your limits) to prevent such an occurence in future…You have done the right thing…

The gravest mistake in life is to believe that we can or should control everything that happens in the world around us….
Within the limitations of time and energy, we should do what is most important to us and what we believe makes most impact to the world around us…As for the is beautiful and it balances everything in its vast dimensions!

And if there ever is a time you feel that life has not balanced what it should..check your priorities again..Check with yourself – ‘Do I feel strongly enough about an issue to remain motivated and take action(individual or by driving collective opinion) on that issue ?’…At that moment feel free to step in and take the dive…it is on such a moment that you actually begin to contribute with actions!

Its all about much about choosing not to do something as it is about choosing to do something too!


~ by exploreamaze on August 12, 2005.

One Response to “Afterthoughts”

  1. wonderful post, deepak! you have what it takes to inspire people! keep walking! 🙂

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