Writing Chandeliers

Again,,,Nirmala’s blog inspires a few lines..This time on Arundhati Roy’s prolific writing( which I call verbosity!)….So here I go….

Pen is mightier than sword and must be used with responsibility too!

That’s what I find lacking in sentimental writing…Arundhati’s written words would be great in satirical novel or a fictional tale, but when she uses them to hijack or borrow causes of which she has no real understanding she sounds hollow..If Jeffrey Sachs wrote in the same style, it would sound real….
When the written word spends all its time in cutting and provides no solutions, it loses its effectiveness and becomes most liable to be hijacked by mercenaries of thought!

Arundhati’s writing has now become a chandelier of ideas..Great to look at..But of no practical use…Artistically brilliant but fragile.


~ by exploreamaze on August 14, 2005.

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