Leaders..Organisations and Motivation

Leadership has been on my mind for a long time and so has the concept of organisations and their role in shaping individuals.

Nirmala shares an interesting insight on Motivation…Motivation as an expression of the desire to dedicate ourselves to a certain ideal.

Quite clearly expressed! However I am wary of individuals who put the institution’s interests above everything else! Such a stance can blind an individual to change when it may be needed…When an individual talks about putting the institution’s interests beyond everything else, he/she is often talking about bowing to a culture or a ‘way of doing things’ that the organisation has always adhered to!

An organisation’s purpose is to bring collective strength of intellect and action towards a certain goal that further’s the organisation’s vision while enabling survival(atleast that!) through a changing environment!

To submerge personal motivation in the organisation’s vision is not a very effective mechanism of doing justice to either the organisation or your own self!

Organisations are like ships that help you move further in your personal tryst with destiny..a playfield to evolve , learn and share our abilities…And we should find the right organisation to partner our personal journey…A journey of evolving through a sharing of goals and values..

Organisations and individuals evolve and sometimes we may realise that the changing values or goals do not contribute to our personal growth… that is the time to move on..with gratitude for what we have learnt and a promise to look back if needed!


~ by exploreamaze on August 28, 2005.

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