Uma posts an article from Hindu here

Nothing says it better than Karl Marx’s -‘Religion is the opium of the masses’.

Religion, by it roots in etymology and social expression , is incapable of moderation because it requires an individual to find security in the fact(or fiction!) that their faith is shared with others both in purpose and perspective.

Like any group, that is based on faith and not on personal bonding, religious groups are bound to be hijacked by extreme opinions and simplistic escape routes of rituals!

Having said , I will agree with Hasan on the fact that it makes little sense to polarise debates on religion. Atheism should not become another religion.

We dont need branding of any form on the basis of faith..If anyone wants to brand themselves as religious in some faith, fair enough. But the ‘Secular’ equals ‘ Atheist’ theory has been regularly expounded by followers of many religions as a hedge.
‘Secularists’ who only think in terms of rational boundaries often overlook or ignore the fact that faith( and its expression in religious forms) is often beyond rational and rarely understood completely within the boundaries of religion!


~ by exploreamaze on November 1, 2005.

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