Maharashtra’s window of opportunity

As someone who always believed that Maharashtra’s potential to service the IT industry has been largely unutilised, I believe the time has come for the state, its people and goverment to seize their rightful place in the technology industry.

As India’s foremost industrialised state, Maharashtra provides the depth & breadth of domain knowledge that is not found in most Indian States(Southern India included).

Having stayed in Maharashtra for a considerable 20 years of my life, I believe that the quality of infrastructure available in Maharashtra is superior to that found in Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad. The state also has a legacy of political support to industries quite unlike what you will find in most other indian states( Karnataka included!)

The Pune-Nashik-Mumbai triangle offers tremendous opportunity to combine the following fundamental needs of any industry:

1. Transport Infrastructure- Land, Air and Sea Link to national & international locations.
2. Availability of residential property at wide spectrum of facilities and prices.
3. Telecom Infrastructure.
4. Broad and Deep Domain expertise from more than 20 years of successfully operating industries in Automobiles, Pharma, Chemicals, Trade, Finance, Logistics, IT, Biotechnology, Engineering, Healthcare etc.
5. Educational Institutions of repute.
6. Cosmopolitan population with varied backgrounds.

Apart from these, Mumbai offers the best work culture in India , based on the diversity of population & the real dynamics of time spent travelling to work in India’s(& probably the world’s ) most effective and efficient public transportation system.

As a graduate from Nagpur University, I firmly believe that graduate students from Maharashtra are on par with students from other states in India.Given its geographic location at the centre of India , many educational institutions also provide great opportunities for students to interact and work with people from all over the nation. This is an advantage that many Southern universities and colleges dont provide!

After living for more than a couple of years at Bangalore, I firmly believe that Maharashtra has a much better potential to support and nurture knowledge industries of the future..

Deshmukh Saheb …..Your time has come…Let the juggernaut roll…Let’s get some plan and focus..Let Maharashtra lead the next generation ….from being the state that ushered Industrialisation to India to the state that takes Indian Technology Industry to higher echelons!


~ by exploreamaze on November 18, 2005.

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