Media..Google & Our News

Thanks to Piyush’s blog ( , I visited a site :

A particularly interesting aspect of American Journalism today , is the fact that it runs towards every opportunity to create fear. Democratic Media in the US seems highly opinionated and almost always looking towards the next threat to Americans! If you are looking for exampls..I’d suggest that you read coverage on Outsourcing, War in Iraq , Walmart or Google !

I find it strange that the intellectuals driving media outpour believe that the common human is devoid of any intelligent capability to obtain content that he/she wants!

Crowds are wise…James S’s book is a must read for many of these intellectuals!

The problem US faces today is less that of external threats to its citizens or these fictitious Corporate kingdoms. It is more due to the its political establishment which has failed true democracy by repeatedly resorting to jingoism!


~ by exploreamaze on December 4, 2005.

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