Save the tiger..Save the Trees…Saving Indian Famil

Wandering on the web..There’s a lot of unintended entertainment ..Check this one out…some gentleman wants to save the Indian Family!!

This website has been created by people who know fancy english words…most likely some gentlemen who worked hard for TOEFL and GRE scores but couldn’t make it! Check the content of the website and you will know why I say so!

They call themselves saviours of ‘ Indian Family’ ..but somehow their website seems more interested in saving ‘ Indian Men’…on second thoughts , maybe they support Gay Marriages

First and foremost…This Male v/s female business is a immature,infantile,unbalanced, ridiculous waste of time! Marriage, Sex and Love are a personal choices, that, because of the so-called ” Indian Society ” and ” Indian Family Values” have been converted to trade and social events!

Guys who write for this blog/site need to get their english language skills in place..What on earth is ‘ Marrying Down” ..I thought you marry an equal partner at equal level..does marrying down mean Marrying a guys pants or a girls lower limb???

I am male and I think this website is for men who think that they were dropped from the skies!!

Spend a few minutes on the website to understand the various undercurrents and thoughts of ‘educated’ but ‘undeveloped’ Indian Men!!


~ by exploreamaze on February 1, 2006.

5 Responses to “Save the tiger..Save the Trees…Saving Indian Famil”

  1. You have been tagged

  2. Guten Tag,

    Are you sex starved ?

    Please, suck up to blood sucking feminists and bastards in media who indulge in legal terrorism.

    Family means all relationships.

    Save Indian Family

    Please, do whatever you want to do to stop SIF. You will not succeed and you will watch it helplessly.

    Others have learnt to respect us.

  3. Our members are in every IT Firm in Bangalore. You will be tracked Mr.Assle. You do not know, your boss may be a member of SIF.

    You are only 26. Please grow up and get married first and then argue…..

  4. Good bless SIF…I have nothing against you guys..just a deep sense of pity!

    Why be anonymous if you have so much faith in your thoughts!

    I thought you were talking about the family… why should I be married to comment on your SIF…do these gentlemen saving Indian family believe that you need to be married to start an Indian family? What about the family I was born into?

    No…I am not sex starved…but I am not perenially bothered about the gender of the other person either! I dont talk to a women’s breasts..I talk to her mind…and I talk to men as well!

    Why are you so bothered with tracking me. Mr.Anonymous?

  5. Deepak,

    its really nice that you actually read through the site and thought over it. I came across this site in your blog. After reading through it, didnt even think it was worth giving a thought. Its something like Dan Brown’s Novels…proving their own theories…(Dan brown was entertaining though)

    God Bless 2000 ppl in SIF and 30 people who join them every day…

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