Is The MBA Overrated?

Ah! The good old MBA v/s Non MBA debate!
Let me add a few of my own thoughts here.

An MBA is just a course that INTENDS to give you some basic skills and perspective on how a business runs and what role different types of people can play! It can never make anyone successful in a career – that has a lot to do with the ability to plan, learn and simultaneously change plans to capitalise on existing opportunities! No one can ever teach that in a course!

An Executive MBA like the one I am doing, will only be fruitful if we have the attitude that we will try and implement everything we learn at our workplace – By ‘everything’ I mean the complete learning..not just going back to the boss and telling him/her that we will implement some theory we learnt at class! An MBA cannot teach us initiative and responsibility!

An MBA does not lead to an automatic ladder to the top of career path, but it does equip you with tools to start the trek upwards….How you face the winds and use your grips to get to the peak is your part of the story!



~ by exploreamaze on April 11, 2006.

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