On saving Maharashtra!!!!


If you were ever able to look at life from the eyes of someone like me, you’d see the futility of spewing venom on language based loyalties! I may qualify as a Maharashtrian(born,brought up and educated in Maharashtra) but have South Indian parents and a maharashtrian partner sharing my life!

I speak Marathi,Kannada, English & Hindi, but identify with Ganesh Chaturthi, Pu.La.Deshpande’s writing ,’Amchi Maathi Aamchi Maanasa’,Ashok Saraf’s dhinkchak dance movies, trekking at Sinhagad & building ‘killa’ as fun!

Malaa ‘shuddha’ marathi bolta yeth nahi, pan marathi aikthana ji aapulki vatthe, the shabdaane kalavitha yenaar nahi!

Maharastra as a state does not necessarily need banner carrying maharashtrians…It needs good practical governance…the very same type of governance that had never spent too much time on making loud proclamations about ‘ Marathi Maanus’….the governance that went about developing cooperative sectors and supported the tremendous growth on the industrial belt.

The maharashtrian in maharashtra suffers from the same ailment that the kannadiga suffers in karnataka, the malayali in Kerala….namely the feeling that speaking a certain language qualifies him or her to never try hard enough to be the best in the world!
Language is just a mode of communication….ideas and virtues have no language..I am proud of my maharashtra…not because of some vague notions of maharastrian culture or marathi language…BUT because my roots are there and I believe that I have a duty to share with it, what I gain from life today..wherever I am in the world!



~ by exploreamaze on April 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “On saving Maharashtra!!!!”

  1. सुंदर लेख!

  2. Maharastra needs to be saved from narrow-minded politicians. As long as voters keep buying emotionally charged and sentimental stuff , politicians will keep selling them that and not what is needed to lift the state’s economic profile.

    Maharastra called a failed state by Planning commision
    Shiv sena and its politics

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