Because of you software people …………….

Interesting post here from Piyush

Now for the profound statement of the day – ‘Sex has always happened…will continue happening’…the only reason it never got discovered earlier because no one cared to use a condom…so no one discovered the late night bump on the dew except the pet dog on morning walk with its owner!

..The reality is that Bangaloreans now have a new bakra to halaal for everything – ‘ The IT Person’..or the’ software person’ or ‘IT guys’ or ‘ IT people’ etc…..Anything that goes wrong must be blamed on IT or the IT guys! Some of the readers of this blog may have noticed that while travelling( rather walking) home on the day that Rajkumar died! I personally was heckled and cursed for being one of ‘those’IT guys who have no Kannada pride and hence continued working through the night when everyone was mourning!

BTW, I speak Kannada..but the gentleman( rather , the goon!) instantly spoke to me in some version of english and hindi….I did retort strongly in Kannada and told him I was ashamed of ‘kannadigas’ like him….but then who the point had been made!

Couples ‘making out’ in parks is not a new phenomenon….the only reality is that Bangalore now has a huge population of young people from across the country who do not have their family around! So…some can take a few ‘risks’..some are also more likely to now need some form of emotional support..Many of these young people DO NOT work in IT firms …nor do they work in BPO firms!They are just young people whose hormones and a sense of loneliness have taken over. I agree that they should find better ways to deal with that…Hotels wont work…this is not US or Europe…you cannot get a decent hotel room unless you are willing to fudge and give a false declaration of marriage!

Our society is at the same stage that USA was in the 1960s and 1970s…a stage where the society bubbles with young adults…these so called issues of ‘morality’ and ‘sexuality’ will hit the mainstream society…we have no choice but to deal with these in an open practical frame of mind!

I am glad about the condoms…what could not be achieved through our national healthcare system..has been achieved by the IT boom 😉


~ by exploreamaze on April 16, 2006.

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