From Pimples to Culture………

Was reading m8al
I personally think that culture is a transient…a lot of what is getting passed around today at ‘Indian Culture’ is a percieved and perpetrated image of India and its history as observed by the British imperialists, their historians and the Indian proteges of those historians.

Sensibility prevails…every society goes through a phase where the damping effect of social changes is yet to start and the society sees a lot of extreme oscillations like fundamentalism and unilateralism. What we need is democracy…the kind that focusses on what needs to be done and bothers less about ideological stances. A lot of our problems today are due to the fact that ideology has become a goal unto itself and not a mechanism for clarifying thought processes! We spend far too much time discussing and vocalising ideas and thoughts abour ‘secularism’, ‘socialism’ , ‘caste’ ,’minorities’ etc…that we fail to look at the need for action. Culture does not feed the hungry stomach…lets get a method to feed the hungry THROUGH EFFORT and NOT through CHARITY! We have built a society where governance has become benevolence rather than a mechanism to channelise the our resources to best utilisation level! People expect the government to provide them with rights while not expecting them to do their duties!

Fortunately, we have a fundamentally strong democracy…unfortunately..our democracy has been devoid of responsibility!


~ by exploreamaze on April 16, 2006.

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