My perfect partner

My Sister tagged me…I know it has been months since Valentine now… but then for someone in love…everyday is Valentine’s!

My perfect partner… reading this blog 😉

She knows that I am not perfect..and that I love the fact that she’s not perfect too!Yet, we are perfect for each other at every moment in time because we also know that ‘not being perfect’ isn’t an excuse to never try to be better!!

We know that romance is not an accident…It is an act of intent!

We know that our relation does not automatically sustain itself….it needs persistent care and concern…like a work of needs a dream, a vision, a hope; it needs our skill and our intellect, it needs our passion and emotion, it needs the ability to find completeness in each other!

We know that opinions and ideologies dont matter..However doing what needs to be done best for both of us, does matter!

We know that our love is just our own world…a world that only has two and her! The world outside is where we live in …the world we live with…And OUR world is the world where we have no secrets, no need to prove a point, no need to live in the past.. is a world where we rejoice in the daily discovery of each other, of knowing that there is a million ways to discovering each other, knowing that we are making the world around a better place…one step at a time, together!


~ by exploreamaze on April 16, 2006.

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