Love without commitment

It takes more than just dreamy romanticism( which is good!) and lust( which is great too!), to make a relationship sail through…

Often, discussing the ‘C’ word is much like a visit to the temple…you bow before the lord and wish that you are blessed…but the moment the ritual is done, you are back to business!

Commitment is a willingness to shape the relationship through the vagaries of time and distance…physical as well as psychological. It is impossible to expect perfect understanding and synchronisation of thoughts between any 2 individuals…It is often impossible to remain perfectly synchronised and similar in thoughts within our mind!

Being committed is a constant state of mind….talking from personal experience,I can vouch for the fact that being committed helps sift through the daily interactions with the one you love and remain focussed on the person you love and not their individual failures! It also helps us deal with the cycles of passion in a more deeper and thoughful manner!

Love without commitment is blind-folded wont know where you are, how far you have been and you wont know how to return


~ by exploreamaze on June 4, 2006.

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