Lets pinch ourselves..Oh Sure…Can I help you ?

My response to a friends email –

Thanks Sudhakar,

The video is almost 5 years old. No doubt caste is a problem…but the desire of people to constantly refer to the words – ‘lower caste /minority’ is as much a problem.The ‘upper castes’ will exist so long as the others chose to beat their breasts over being the “lower castes” !!!!!

Much of the arguments raised by Christiane Amanpour are typical western armchair rhetoric! And Mr.Khilnani shows the same convert syndrome that most Asian intellectuals seem to covet…the intellectualism that forgets that the context of each asian problem has a longer history than the history of the United States!

The US is a nascent society…history & notions of national culture havent spread their roots as yet..though the right wing will soon ensure that such change will happen….the Polarisation of a society is the dawn of its historical and cultural identity…Unless you feel the need to be different, you cannot have a history!

Caste is an economic and education problem…the social aspects are just the visible facet of it.Caste will get replaced by class in a ‘individualistic success’-oriented society!

Lets face it – the only thing that makes human beings capable of intelligence is their ability and desire to discriminate and to want to stand out as unique…And the boundaries are set either where the others stop you or where you chose to stop on the basis of your personal judgement! Our judgement is based on either the fear of losing or the desire to please or the need to retain equilibrium.

The same Christiane Amanpour’s nation wont treat those who dont have medical insurance! Cruelty varies as per perception!

Dear All,

Caste in India has induced the most distorted debate. When a city slicker speaks of it….he invariably thinks it a synonym for “lower caste” reservations. Most people I have spoken with…just do not seem to realize that Caste and with it untouchability, is a violent reality in our hinterlands…where reservations or the lack of it…of any kind just cannot bring succor.

I would like members and visitors to watch this video and realize the gravity of a crime our “Upper Castes” have felt emboldened to ignore..and thence…commit.


I am thankful to “Dalit” and Jude, for hosting this video, and I hope..they don’t mind me spreading its viewership.

Please….my friends..spread this video around. Its not a “hate video”, and it is much better than all those trivialties we seem to enjoy. For once…lets pinch ourselves and wake up to reality.

Thank you,


~ by exploreamaze on September 30, 2006.

One Response to “Lets pinch ourselves..Oh Sure…Can I help you ?”

  1. amazing flow. You never fail to impress me.

    God Speed.

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