Around It the Roy

In a state of numbness that can only be explained by the expansionist flight of verbose prose and music that I have imbibed over the last 1 hour….here

Arundhati Roy reminds me often of my teenage life and writings…Her words retain a teenage sense of ideal utopian ecstacy….A kind of indulgence with words that is as orgasmic and rolling as making love for the first time in your life…..It ends before you know it 😉

I tip my hat to the graceful strokes of visual imagery in her words – Those who have read ‘The God of Small Things’ will vouch for that.

Much as I admire her ability to craft sentences, her speeches tend to disappoint in their inability to state or suggest any solutions. Her writings and speeches have the same characteristic that ails most amateur ‘ activists for all available causes‘ – The ability to see the big picture and its context but the inability to move from emotive expressions to realistic solutions.


~ by exploreamaze on October 15, 2006.

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