Will management education ……………….

Will management education you take give you the means or show you the directions to be an entrepreneur and an innovator?
Or will you become a very successful educated labourer?

Thought provoking questions from Unmesh

Management education is just that – An education in management! Education and learning arent really the same….Education is the opening of a door…learning happens when you step through and beyond that door into the realm of possibilities.

The sun does shine at all times in space..but sunrise happens..and even when the sunrise happens at almost the same time for everyone in one place, some wake up..some dont!

In my experience of 9 months in EMBA, management education- from the right type of institution i must add – gives you the means to be an entrepreneur and innovator.

With Vision & Passion – both of which cannot to be taught – you can use a management education to be more than just a successful educated labourer of mind.

What does a good management education give you:
> A concise understanding of value – Economics + Accounting
> The ability to appreciate the creation and conversion of value – Operations + Marketing
> A view towards understanding how humans create and percieve value – HR & Marketing

Entreprenuership & Innovation come from converting the above abilities, understanding & perspective into an action item – The kind of action item that is held strong on the pillars of vision and passion!


~ by exploreamaze on October 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Will management education ……………….”

  1. value is not economics + accounting…that is a fundamental flaw dude

  2. Value is NOT equal to Economics & Accounting…I meant to say that these help you understand the business of value!

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