Philosophy, is indeed, the ultimate arrogance.

“Philosophy, is indeed, the ultimate arrogance.”

Fellow Blogger Rahul Chaturvedi gets philosophical as he trashes philosophy in the blog above! What he uses is a form of sophistry..A rhetorical debate.

Philosophy is a much maligned and misused word…It just means ‘ Love of Wisdom ‘

However because it sounds so much like sophistry, people confuse and misinterpret philosophical thinking with random thoughts of extensive logic( or illogic) and day dream debates.

Philosophy is not a is just a collective term given to the means and modes of discovering wisdom..It is an expression of every person’s need to know beyond that which exists…Language, communication and sciences are all based on the principal faith( not trust) that there exists something beyond all that we know! That, my friend is the wheel of can only turn when there is something called ” The probable & The Unknown” !


~ by exploreamaze on October 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Philosophy, is indeed, the ultimate arrogance.”

  1. So my question is, how does one know what is ‘wisdom’?

    Without having an oracle for its verity, how does one proceed to find wisdom?

  2. Quick note, sophistry is a completely different thing.

    In fact, my argument was probably a diametric opposite of it.

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