Balancing a working life…

Shubha writes a Kannada poem about people who slog their a** off

Well..At the risk of sounding crazy, I think all this talk about ‘Work – Life ‘ balance is a wasted effort.

The well-meaning advice about work hours and the need to spare time beyond office hours for other activities is misplaced when given to guys like me! I still read all that I want to..I still write blogs..I write articles..I write poems..I cook in the kitchen…I spend precious and memorable moments with my wife.I call my parents and in-laws..I talk to friends…All this with a demanding work schedule..And I am not a superhero!

My bosses dont browbeat me into work, I dont get work handed down because I cant refuse….

I dont always chirp happy about work..I crib about it occasionally too..But I love it eventually..

The crux – I love my job..I maximise the potential benefit from every moment of my life..And when I need to disconnect, I can and I will..

I am not a slave to the working hours concept…Within limits of professional situations, I do reorganise work to slots when I feel comfortable doing them. The idea is to enjoy my work and the pressures that come with it..

The joy I get is from doing all that I do, with a sense of purpose and with the hope that every single day, I will paint a clearer big picture of life in my mind!


~ by exploreamaze on December 12, 2006.

One Response to “Balancing a working life…”

  1. I am the co-accused on the post.

    If i could not beat them, i join them.

    I think i just posted my version of how the peom should actually be like.


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