John Roese’s Blog covers an interesting trend in communication networks..

Hyperconnectivity will lead to commoditisation of the network. Commoditisation leads to simplified component based architectures. Hyperconnectivity is a user orientation of technology. The user defines or draws the connections to the information web. The explosion of connecting nodes enhances the users ability to choose and often transparently connect to the multiple nodes.

The key challenges –

Security ->

  • What is a friendly node and what is not ?
  • What form of identity information should be embedded in the channel versus embedding information in the data ?

Bandwidth Management ->

  • How do we guarantee bandwidth in view of the context/node switches that happen ?
  • How do we reduce the signalling overheads incurred from such context/node switches?

This is the next generation of challenges for the communication system…I, ofcourse , refrain from using the word ‘ telecom’ because this is not telecom…that structure is being lost as a finer, more simpler structure of interactive elements are becoming the new channels of communication!

The interesting aspect is that ‘Simple’ structure is based on a complex organic structure for each of the communicating nodes…..the evolution of a ‘ genetic algorithms meet economics of value’ type of system.


~ by exploreamaze on February 5, 2007.

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