Relations beyond …….

An interesting post here by Pradyot on globalisation of cultures & inter-community relations…

‘Intellectuals’ ( as the media calls them) are often susceptible to the bias that their ideas and opinions are inherently superior and should be practiced by the masses. Such biases tends to make them divide the world between the ‘enlightened ‘ ones and the ‘ignorant’ ones.

However, I’d like to point that the ‘diversity’ that Pradyot talks about, stems from the cross-fertilisation of cultural identities.

This churn of inter-racial,inter-cultural relations brings about an evolution in the cultural foundations of the society….Living in Canada, I see a lot of this happening….A society learns through these relations….they may never be the majority of relationships in a society, but they are the critical catalyst of social change.

Diversity stems from having multiple communities of like minded people who setup various rituals of living and prescribe certain standard operating procedures for various milestones in life!


~ by exploreamaze on April 15, 2007.

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