The Career Business Executive & The Social Worker

Career Business Executive ….Lives business…thinks of everything through the business perspective…..Falls in love with a girl he thinks of as ‘The social worker”…..Becomes worried that she will become encaged in his relentless pursuit of business…saddened that he may never be able to engage in a fruitful discussion of her social work interests..

This is ….in some parts my own story..My wife’s a doctor( the kindest soul that I know) and I am a passionate business management guy( a results driven achievement oriented guy according those who know me )..

There are only two ways to go about this dilemma

Option 1 – >Both individuals accept that some of their interests do not match & allow for the time and space to pursue those independently.
Option 2 -> Each of you tries to develop an interest in the other person’s passion for the sake of what you have committed to…Yes, it does take effort and it may not always work out…but atleast you will have the satisfaction of having tried and your partner will appreciate your efforts!

The one thing I have learnt in my relationship – “Never extrapolate individual events into anything meaningful ” . You cannot make a relationship work by suspending it on strings of idealogies and opinions.

My point – You dont marry anyone because you think you will be able to talk forever about topics and discuss idealogies…Marriage is not about what you like and dont like, what you can talk about and what you cant, what you eat and what you dont…

Agreed that you cannot ignore the practicalities of life…But who ever realised a dream by letting practicalities limit them….The dream of married life is to build a wonderful relationship by surmounting the practical challenges and walking together as a team!

Now..for the social worker part, Profit pursuit does not necessary have to be at the expense of social interests!

Gandhi, Buddha or Martin Luther King , they were business leaders too….The work that they did is today studied by leading business schools as monumental leadership training….They did just the same thing that every business aspires to – ” To take an idea, build a system around it and passionately encourage the world to believe in that idea

Marketing, Operations, Strategy, HRM…..these are just the tools to achieve that goal.

Business Management is Social work…It is a mechanism of evolving, developing & increasing value, effectiveness and efficiency in the is a mechanism to ensure that the society gets maximum benefit ..A business cannot operate in isolation from society!


~ by exploreamaze on May 1, 2007.

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