How Will Millennials Manage? — HBS Working Knowledge

How Will Millennials Manage? — HBS Working Knowledge

My comment on the issue

There are ‘ Millennials’ who have ‘ Had it all’ and then there are ‘Millennials’ who have ‘ Had not much’…The theories propounded here clearly apply ONLY to those who have had it all…

A miracle of what democracy & liberal education through schools, colleges and universities brings…The magic of the millenials is all thanks to the revolutionary 60s and 70s that brought green revolution, food security and scientific progress to the nations that had democracy and liberal education!

Some of the discussion here tends to forget that through centuries of human existence, the younger people in a society always have speed, agility , new found creativity and faith in the current ideal….The Millenials are no different from the Baby boomers in their 20s and 30s in that aspect. The Key difference is the global perspective spurred by the explosion in communication technology and the economics of cost and market availability..A perspective that spurs willingness to go where they believe their dreams will be fulfilled.

As for the Millenials who have not had much to begin with….globalisation of economies will either turn them to violent detractors or spur them to gain the skills needed to succeed in a global world . And that needs to be the focus of the ‘Millenial Have it all’s and the ‘Baby Boomers’ too…If the ones that have been left behind are not brought into this global world, the risk is that you will lose everything…

You cannot manage the ‘Millennial’s..they are too confident, learning with the barrage of information all over their life and still focussed on finding that balance…you can only lead them..This is the age of ‘influence’ & ‘coopetition’..They are yet to get over the fascination for tags, titles and psycho babble descriptions of ‘leadership’ and ‘ management’…Sooner than the other generations, they will get over it…because the global system wont allow fluff to float around for too long… The story here is to manage the generation mix..any organisation looking for sustained long term success needs multiple levels of expertise , wisdom and energy!


~ by exploreamaze on August 24, 2007.

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