‘If IT Is Going To Take Away Our Values, Burn Bangalore, Burn IT’

Once again..our mindset just defeats us…A man of Mr.Rao’s stature making such generalised comments is a disappointment.

As for the PhDs, that’s just an academic view..The world hasnt changed due to PhDs….If I meet that NRI, I might as well as ask him/her -> ‘What have all those Indian PhDs in the US , Europe or Australia, done for their nation ? ‘..Arts and scientific research need money to bloom..Just as excess money will cause doom for the quality of work coming from there…That’s a thin line…Leave the free market economy and a democratic society to operate and that balance will occur.

In most areas, no one has made a breakthrough discovery in their PhD thesis..And those that did, wont need a PhD to qualify their breakthrough.

Bangalore’s woes are a necessary evil of any economy that grows rapidly…Could we get better public administration….Absolutely yes!!!!! Musical chairs in the political domain hurt any city. All urban areas of India are being led by short sighted politicians who rush to profess rural roots. Nothing wrong with having rural roots…But a nation our size in terms of population , can barely find land and food in the rural structure , for everyone.

Bangalore’s early rulers were visionaries of their times. None of the current breed of politicians or administrators of Bangalore can claim to be visionaries.There are the good guys..but the complacent and incompetent largely outnumber those good guys …Add to that , our tendency to simply wash all dirt to the shores of every bureacrat and blame the government for everything..And what we get is an endless blame game where all fingers point elsewhere.

Why blame the IT guy for what’s happening to Bangalore… Isnt it a job of the public administrators to proactively identify growth related and influx related problems at social, demographic and functional levels ? In every profession , there are a few who will lead a consumption oriented life..to paint a complete set of professionals or business as greedy or consumerist…Now that’s unfair and stupid.

At the root of all this , is a basic human instinct..Jealousy. Well meaning people come up with active ways and means to change the society..Not armchair criticism and generalised statements about the decline of values. Every generation thinks that the generation after it has lost its values…human nature ..Passive notion of ‘ How we were better’..

It is shameful that the environment of Bangalore is being torn by a subculture of pseudo-intellectuals who encourage the ‘ Us‘ versus ‘The Outsider’ theme. The romance of old Bangalore may never come back…Lets bury that and raise a toast to the jobs that all these changes have created.

We have problems..We arent perfect..There is a long way to go..But damn anyone who wants to burn this …..In this hazy unruly dawn, a future is evolving…A future that can include more Indians in growth that we have ever been able to. If you can, please join in shaping that future ..through actions and interest….Write about what you can do to change your concern into a plan of action…This nation has suffered through years of armchair idealogues and idealogy or slogan chasing politicians…lets shut up and get our hands dirty.


~ by exploreamaze on December 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “‘If IT Is Going To Take Away Our Values, Burn Bangalore, Burn IT’”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the reasons behind the decay that is prevalent now in Bangaluru. Having seen the glory days, the current state is really sad, but Bangaluru has that vibrant heart which has stood the test of time. I am confident it will revive sooner than later. It is true that no amount of Ph.Ds or NRIs can solve the problems that are plaguing Bangaluru, but a day will dawn soon to dispel the myth that end is near for Bangaluru. Am I a hopeless optimist?

  2. No.. you are not a hopeless optimist.. We need optimism and we need action that’s rooted in local realities. I simply believe that a time comes when people have to stop discussing and start making and acting upon discussions. Public discourse in India is an endless game of ” Lets pull the other one down”.

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