Building competencies

“After taking the initial experience of working in the HR Team of one of India’s top IT cos, is it wise to switch to a smaller co in a different industry where one can get exposure to entire gamut of HR activities rather than being stuck at handling particular activity in the current organization? Would it help in the long run to look for such an opportunity ?”

Got this question from a friend of mine.

My answer to this one will be ‘ Depends’.

Depends on what kind of experience you gained at the big firm.
Depends on what kind of experience you expect to gain in the smaller firm
Depends on when or why you started feeling ‘ stuck’
Depends on where you eventually see yourself at the end of the small firm experience.

The HR role at a mega-corp varies considerably from that in a smaller firm…many of the smaller firm’s HR strategies have to be tactical EXCEPT those that relate to building an organisational culture…A mega-corp can afford more strategic changes and sustained interventional techniques for cultural changes.

The challenges and gamut of HR activities dont really map well into the definitions of a ‘ Big ‘ or ‘Small’ firm..rather it maps into the lifecycle stage of the company and the product or service it provides. A small startup has different challenges when compared to a small family business. A big services business provides a different set of experiences and learnings compared to a big manufacturing unit.

The other side to culture in a smaller firm, especially one that has a founder member or an entreprenuer at the head, is that these leaders shape the culture for such organisations and often there may be little role for an external HR agent.

It may be a good idea to seek rotation within a mega corp into 3-4 different roles and then make the choice of shifting into a smaller org.

Would it help ? I am not sure that really matters at this stage in your career..

Would you learn a lot, what would you learn, and how or when will you be you prepared for such experience – These are the critical questions.



~ by exploreamaze on January 12, 2008.

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