Before I go any further, let me remind the readers that what I put on this blog are opinions(informed ones ofcourse!)..They should not and are not to be associated with any official positions that my organisation or other affiliations may have.

Google has its own browser now!! Now, why doesn’t that surprise me anymore 😉
I have downloaded Chrome-Beta and must admit to generally liking it..more from the ‘no non-sense’ design perspective.. I like the concept of using  the browser as a window to many other applications..not a window with too many buttons and options embedded..
Google never seems to respect volatile memory( As a system designer , I like that!).
Looking at the  memory usage on my laptop, I can see that each tab is a seperate process and a fairly memory hungry one at that!

I find Google’s product management approach very curious.. Amongst the current breed of technology product firms, Google and Apple have contrary but pointed approaches. Google’s approach seems to center around creating an aggregating structure that overlays branding and functional product concepts on to a distributed set of products. Apple, on the other hand, seems to focus on creating an ecology based on intellectual property ,uniqueness focussed design and excellent time-to-market.
It will be interesting to see( or maybe build 😉 ) , a product focussed firm that merges best of these 2 approaches!
P.S . ..In view of my expanding and increasing interest in Product management,I’ll try and include product strategy related blogs here!

~ by exploreamaze on September 3, 2008.

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