On luck & hardwork

Surabhi has written about luck and hardwork here…..An interesting topic for the current times when economies are shrinking, jobs are being slashed and the consequences of irrational lending in the USA are being felt in the town of Tirupur in southern India..

As Indians, we are exposed to the concepts of ‘karma’ & ‘destiny’ early on in life..It sets the context for all explanations that are made for the successes and losses we make in life.. If you win, its your ‘karma’; if you lose, its your ‘destiny’.. It is an approach where we hold ourselves accountable neither for the successes we achieve nor the defeats we face. A form of humility that prevents irrational exhuberance. But, it doesnt necessarily ask us to give up the strings of control to our life. Unfortunately, in our society today, we use these concepts to promote a lack of discipline, systematic approach and self-control. The famed ‘middle-class’ mentality in India is to ‘tolerate’…Tolerating, not out of acceptance or appreciation …rather out of a sense of ‘helplessness’..’What can I do to change this anyways’… ‘ यह सब भाग्य का खेल हैं ‘…

The reality is that not everyone works hard ( there is a difference between ‘wanting’ and actually acting on the want).. Not everyone wants to be an IAS officer desperately enough.. I had the good fortune of watching(over a period of time) some labourers constructing a house near my home recently. What I learnt just proves that those who desperately want to be different and want to achieve, will make the efforts to grow and achieve better results. I could see different kinds of people in those labourers – people who were diligent but not motivated enough to find an easier or better way of doing things, people who were smart but lazy, people who were smart and hardworking but wasting time in useless debates and people who were smart, hardworking and focussed on learning and growing from their experience – All of this in a group of some 10-12 labourers.

Luck and hardwork arent mutually exclusive..to some extent luck is made from a process of 99% perspiration.. If you work hard AND are actively thinking – your mind will develop the skill of identifying the patterns you need to identify. Those who want to ‘desperately’ succeed are those who have a ‘passionate’ view of what success means. This passion helps them in remaining motivated as well as in the process of seeking guidance and advise.

This even works in love – We seek love of the type that we know and have recieved in our growing up years. It is not a surprise that children whose parents were in a bad relation often end up in a similar relation themselves. The ‘chemistry’ that we talk about is ‘learned behavior’. In my teenage, I often used to seek company of girls who were not considered conventionally beautiful..This was a result of my upbringing – My family actively discourages focus on physical beauty and I felt strangely powerful in being able to ignore the charms of falling for the ‘babe’ in the batch. Similarly, women often seek men who have some elements of their father’s/brother’s behavior..

Feelings are learned behavior.. Kids whose parents are not very openly appreciative, often grow up to becoming uncomfortable with praise. As young adults, our assessment of ‘attractiveness’ is based both on hormonal elements and on behaviors that we have learnt to appreciate in the growing up years.

If you want something ‘desperately’ enough, you’ll learn to become smart about it. The only criteria is are you looking deep enough within yourself in that process of desperation.. If you are desperate and willing to use the shortcut of blaming ‘external’ factors – your luck is bound to fall apart very often!


~ by exploreamaze on November 16, 2008.

One Response to “On luck & hardwork”

  1. Very true Deepak. And I can safely say that you are a good example of what the desperate need to excel and hardwork can do.
    Reminds me of the line from Alchemist (which was taken up by Farah Khan in OSO) “If you really want something bad enough, the whole world conspires to in helping you to achieve it” Guess wanting bad enough needs to include hard work too.

    Came across ur blog thru linkedin. will be a frequent visitor now 🙂
    Karthik KK

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