10 days to go before the year ends -Little purpura knocks on my shoulders …

The space between white sheets, whiter ceilings, humming airconditioners and translucent fluid that flows into my veins is the suddenly frail frame of my body. Where’s my diary, my notepads and where are my books ? My wife ? My family?

Roll the drums.. Brace up..Between needles and pills – My script needs to be written again….So many words ,thoughts and actions havent found space in the pages of my life, floating as they have been , like fireflies on dark night in front of the campfire I call my life….I have never known what this ‘work-life’ balance thing meant…

Sujata, My family, My work, my team, my organisation, my relations, my influences and those that I influenced…. Gazing into that ceiling, my eyes could see the reel of my life rolling through its myriad colors and emotions.I flipped through the pages on my mind searching for what my legacy will be … And found that legacy is like a fabric that you weave from legacies given to you…

You shall weave and lay it down the path for those that shall follow….A tapestry woven from the strengths you seek in those around you. A fabric woven in the creative capability that we have deep within ourselves..The love and respect that we give to each other’s thoughts,ideas and opinions..the work we do with dedication and passion – With love, for ourselves and for others.

Now, more than ever before, I felt glad that ‘work-life’ balance never meant much to me. What meant the most to me was

  • ‘ I have been loved’
  • ‘ I can give love’
  • ‘ I give love’
  • ‘ I can share love regardless of my opinion’

6 days, 6 books, 30 magazines, 20 short stories, 70 PPT slides on teams,leadership business models, organisation design & strategy Plus 30 pages on my diary later….

Little purpura disappears and leaves behind a message – ‘ Live like this is your last day..if tommorow never comes, you’ll have nothing to regret ! ‘.


In case you’d like to read more about ITP – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiopathic_thrombocytopenic_purpura


~ by exploreamaze on December 28, 2008.

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