While we often ignore random comments made from the aged as ‘ Senile’, we actively print and publicize comments from Senile politicians in India…. A 70 tiger, 80 year old son of soil , 65 year old comrade, keeps ranting about issues and we let them occupy the frontpage of our newspapers and websites.. It is commonly accepted logic that age affects speed and capability to think…yet, we allow aged and outdated politicians rule and set laws for this country.. India doesnt need idealogies – It needs able administrators as politicians, it needs people who want to improve the quality of life and environment – Not some arrogant idiot who wants to perpetrate some idealogy or propogate some religious fanaticism. It is important that India votes for administrators – those who have a proven record of making AND executing decisions – Not those who only have a record of making lofty speeches. Lets vote for those who have a proven record of ‘achieving a vision’ not just those who say ‘ I have a vision/dream’. Lets vote for ‘ Achievers’ not ‘Speakers’.
Lets get the basics right..Democracy is only a fertile ground.. lets sow some useful and beneficial seeds.


~ by exploreamaze on April 18, 2009.

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