A Poem out of nowhere!

< Has been a very long time since I wrote a poem .. a poem out of nowhere.. a poem that comes without personal context……So here it is..my first poem in 4 years>

Cobblestones weave through this maze,
how heartless
can that clattering pencil heel be
As you walk drunken
through this lonely night,
the shrill laughter
on your drunken lips
pierces through these walls ,
clad in lime ,
much like that lycra top
hugging the cleavage of mystery

The temple’s too crowded now, my dear,
The hymns don’t make no sense anymore,
It’s been a long pilgrimage,
My throat’s parched,
There’s holy water here
but it quenches not, my dear

My knees hurt
And kneeling
feels painful in your shadow now
My devotion has been a shadow chase
My passion,
a bleeding bird

The priests speak a tongue that’s alien to me
Daffodils at the altar don’t seem to wilt
The procession of fading loyalties never ends at doorsteps…


~ by exploreamaze on June 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Poem out of nowhere!”

  1. simply simple 🙂 n beautiful!

  2. simply amazing sir….you have that touch…

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