On Human Weaknesses..

Education, self awareness, learning……I wonder where it takes us if these give us a feeling of supremacy..
To feel pain for a fellow human being who lost his life, regardless of what his/her life was worth, is a sign of human respect. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that no one is infallible, that life is not about winning, losing or being average.
As a human being, as someone who shares the earth with billions of other living and non living beings, do we have the right to ascertain the worth of a human life? Is the ‘worth’ of a human life measured on basis of the past behaviors or future potential ?
Agreed, maturity is about accepting responsibility for your actions…but it does not mean mature people should decide if the ‘immature’ are worth being left to live! Isn’t it a sign of maturity, when an individual develops the ability to understand how the journey towards higher levels of awareness is littered with distractions and goalposts that are easier to cling to ?
My perception towards human frailties and weaknesses changed after I read three books – ” First Break All The Rules ” . ” The Wisdom of Teams” &  ” My Experiments with Truth”.. They take the edge off the word ‘weakness’ and give us a perspective of how ‘weaknesses’ are often just as much a part of the picture as far as any individual is concerned. These 3 books in essence indicate why great leaders can only be made when great teams happen!

~ by exploreamaze on August 8, 2009.

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