Men From Whom I have learned..And What they taught me

These are twenty one men from whom I have learned a lot in life( & what they taught me) .. from what they told me, from their advise, from their successes and their failures, from what they did and what they didnt do… The list below is not in any particular order..

1> My Maternal Uncle & quite often the man with whom I share a lot of debates! – Shankar Mama ( Remain magnanimous to both Success and Failure… To fall and rise from ashes with vengeance)

2> My Father ( Persistence , Faith and Focus can solve almost any problem there is..that’s what engineering is all about!)

3> My Uncle & Neighbor during my childhood days – Kamble Kaka ( Courtesy never ends.. There are no exceptions to being courteous…It is a sign of your ability to listen!)

4> The First VP that I ever worked with – Frederick Hamilton ( Winning is about Passion, About Intensity, About Winning with the team)

5> The First Manager with whom I have shared an almost peer-like relationship – Vijay Raman ( Never react, Never buckle under pressure)

6> The First Manager who taught me the softer human side of managing performance – Anand Mathew ( If you want to win, you must convince your peers ,your team members.. not just get a top down approach)

7> The First People Leader that I ever met at work – Irfan Kadri ( Build your team, keep looking for what each team member’s strengths are and capitalize on those strengths)

8> My First Manager ever, in professional life – Anees Khan ( Details are about patience but without Care and Concern, detail orientation can become excuse for micromanagement)

9> The Person who introduced me to ‘Software’ & my dear projectmate – Piyush Garyali ( Creative Passion for what you believe in…there are 101 ways to solve a problem)

10> My starsign brother – Sumit Bhatta ( Infinite is the scope for what we can know… truth simply evolves..)

11> The Manager who taught me how to develop a team member – Satheesh I ( Delegate but remain accountable for the details)

12> The Manager who taught me about details and spurred my growth – Bala ( Trust but verify)

13> The Manager who first managed me as a manager –Merrick ( Leading is all about finding what’s best in each of your team members and preventing their weaknesses’s from harming your plans )

14> My First Management Guru & Industrial Management Professor Prof.Bhasker Patel ( Efficiency & Effectiveness – Management starts from these 2 principles)

15 > The only guru that I enjoyed listening to – Swami Sukhabodhananda ( Experience, Explore & Enjoy)

16> My First Character from a Novel David Copperfield ( Life is a story that is written as you life..make it such that your reader should like to live it!)

17> My dearest friend – Siddharth Mushrif ( Passion decides what you cannot live without.. It may neither be visible nor verbalised… but the results show, the effects are seen.. )

18> My First Guru at Nortel Canada Phil Ruttan ( No one ever intends to do a bad job..Bad job happens when people use the wrong tool or approach for the right or wrong reasons)

19> My Maternal Grandfather ( Live with malice towards none.. It wil bless you with a mind that isnt busy chasing images of people trying to exude malice for you)

20 > My Friend & Mirror – Anirban Chatterjee ( Dont take yourself too seriously…But think different, your perspective could be the only thing that keeps you moving forward)

21 > The Man who gave me my wife – Kishor Mushrif ( Be the Best and Seek to Inspire the best in the ones that you meet in life )


~ by exploreamaze on September 4, 2009.

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