Sitting across shores of the ocean,

across depths

that will remain unfathomed and dark until we dive

that remain mysterious like the curve on the lips of lady luck

We wove dreams

hiding the modesty of our immodest wishes

shaping the clay of our wishes in the unyielding palm of yesterday

We wrote

sealing our letters in the bottles that sail across oceans..

sent addressed to ‘The Unknown’

And when the cacophony of words seemed to loud to bear,

We chose to speak ,

in sounds that find meaning in the phantoms of our mind

received and shaped, by the invisible walls within

We chose to speak,

For Silence, is the language of uncertainty

We chose to speak

For Words,

are the only things that we truly gift ourselves

In the pages of the storybook,

That we call



~ by exploreamaze on September 21, 2009.

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