Leaders help..

” Leadership’s job will be to ensure that a good problem-solving and decision-making process is in place….” Thats a profound statement by Prof.Edgar Schein on the latest edition of Ivey Business School’s Journal on Leadership.. There are many more such gems embedded in the article…. I especially like the reference model of ‘ Expert – Doctor – Process Consultant ‘ roles..In my experience, each of these are the roles that any leader plays depending on the context. The advise on not jumping straight to ‘Expert’ or ‘Doctor’ roles is sagely. Nothing can be more embarrassing or damaging to a leader’s reputation, than the situation where his/her prescriptions turned ineffective because of a lack of understanding of the context…

Helping is the most fundamental requirement of effective leadership. As we work with complex systems, the need to ‘connectors’ will become critical. The ‘connectors’ in a complex system are often the leaders – Those who can connect the big picture of the system with the minor details of the subsystems and can coach their teams to operate in an integrative manner. The process of inspiring large groups of people is such an integrative action. Those who understand the process and can help their teams ‘connect the dots’ , have a great advantage in the increasingly networked complex organisational system.


~ by exploreamaze on October 4, 2009.

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