Online shopping…

One of the most interesting phenomenon was the online shopping boom in the late 90s and early 2K years and how everyone went overboard screaming that the age of online shopping had arrived.. Well, The struggles that online shopping vendors are going through, seem to indicate quite the contrary….I do spend a lot of my time online but somehow, when it comes to shopping, i have remained more of an ‘offline’ guy. Instinctive reaction and impulse driven purchases aren’t quite what I am known for..But I appreciate the idea that there is very little time spent from the moment I decide on a purchase till the moment I have the object of desire with me..The idea of having to wait for 3-8 days in anticipation of a courier guy ringing the bell with my purchase, that puts me off..Maybe I’ll buy groceries that way…Sure, I pay my bills that way too..But for lifestyle associated purchases, I like the touchy-feel ambiance that shopping in a store or off the street provides. The process of making a purchase in a store is a 3D experience that no kind of web design can offer. Yes, I have seen some really beautiful web design ..but nothing that has been able to match the richness of experience felt shopping at a brick and mortar store…After Ebay, there really hasnt been much in the range of innovations along the Online shopping street.. I did think( and do so even now) that ‘Second Life‘ had a fair chance at doing something big in that space, but that hasn’t happened…

Top 3 things that matter most for my online shopping experience

1> Search Criteria designed by someone who has stepped inside the shoes of a person who buys the product in the real world..Not someone who works at a library or for Websters.

2> Photographs – With Perspective and some 3D element.. Nothing sucks more than a flat looking scanned picture of the product

3> A Comprehensive Price Details section on the same page that includes shipment costs…What can be more irritating than a note that tells you the 30 dollar book you bought will cost you 80 dollars in shipping after you clicked through 5 pages!


~ by exploreamaze on October 7, 2009.

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