Nobel intentions…Obama & Gandhi

Obama wins Nobel..Gandhi has not… This isn’t really a point worth debating..For all the respect and appreciation I have for Gandhi as I study leadership and human behavior as a group, Does Gandhi really need a Nobel for Peace ? Why do people take offence for pages of history that have already been written… By that stretch of imagination, God, Jesus and Gautam Buddha also need to be nominated for a Nobel for Peace!!! Well, atheists may debate about God’s qualifications in context of hatred and peace that religions seems to spur..but that’s another debate 🙂

Nobel for peace is meant for those who have actively worked for peace related initiatives.. Yeah, Nobel for Obama seems a little too early.. But lets not forget that Nobel awards are provided for those who engender a paradigm shift in the process of thinking and acting.. What Obama has managed in terms of public discourse is definitely worth commending… It is too early to say if that will succeed, but it is definitely a new way to engaging people in a discussion. Isn’t that exactly what Gandhi achieved ? Didn’t Gandhi also manage to drive public discourse in a creative manner, from ‘ violent struggle’ to ‘ peaceful social mobilization’.

In attempting to deify Gandhi, many people tend to overlook his evolution as an individual and assess how Gandhi qualifies as one of the best Marketers history has ever seen. The Product, the message and the energy associated with Gandhi was a carefully constructed proposition. And I mean all of this in very positive terms. If Obama wants to win, he will need to walk the fine line that encompasses the packaging he has sold to his audiences around the world… It is a long journey and it remains to be seen if Obama will be able to avoid fading away too soon.

For those who question Obama’s results, may they be ever reminded that India’s Independence was won in equal parts due to weakened and tired British Imperial ambitions in context of 2 consecutive world wars. Gandhi contributed a lion’s share..But his legacy is in the minds of a thousands..Unfortunately, his actions have faded and what we have today is a mask of interpretations of his legacy worn by politicians around the world. With all his good intent & charisma , Gandhi was unable to prevent the partition of India. Good Intent and mass mobilization don’t guarantee continued success in the pages of history.

Obama may indeed be in the position to feed a revolution in the minds of people who are too young to write articles for NYT, TOI or the Economist.. those in far away forests of Africa and even India… Those who have only heard on the radio or through some conversation , that a black american president won Nobel Peace prize for bringing ‘ Hope’ into the semantics of public discourse and discussing the ‘anatomy of hope’ in the usually claustrophobic annals of political history.

History will wait and watch…


~ by exploreamaze on October 10, 2009.

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